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Way too much information.

So, I have no idea if we've mentioned this publicly yet but we've been accepted to the Art(ists) on the Verge 4 program, which (I know, I know, names with mid-word parentheses but give me a minute, this one is awesome) is this program designed to support artists "working experimentally at the intersection of art, technology, and digital culture with a focus on network-based practices that are interactive and/or participatory." So yeah, you're probably like, "That's hilarious because nobody is as bad at technology as Mad King Thomas". But actually! Well actually you probably didn't think that. Probably you've just never thought about us in relation to network-based practices and digital culture. Or... you know what, I'm just gonna leave this one alone. I have no idea what you've ever thought about us in relation to any part of the previous paragraph.

Pro-tip: I do not actually fit inside either Monica or Tara

So as usual, I am about a month late, but please, let me not allow feelings of guilt and tardiness stand in the way of me sharing possibly the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT I HAVE EVER BEEN GIVEN:

Yes, they are custom hand-painted MAD KING THOMAS STACKING DOLLS!

Poor gay things.

Get your vegetables!

ha ha this carrot has a vagina. ha ha. ha ha.

forget carrot dildos!

yes i know i'm a teenage boy, but seriously!?! this carrot is totally self-sufficient. vagina and dildo in one!


i love carrots.

Biiiiicyle! Biiiiiicycle! Biiiiicycle!

This week I am not performing with Mad King Thomas for the First. Time. Ever. (Sort of.) Tonight, I'll be in the house watching the incredible Joanna Furnans do my part, because I'm still healing (but! My scab fell off last night. Progress!)

Dance & Football are Basically the Same Thing

This is not what I'm talking about.

(This is not what I'm talking about. Even though I once owned this shirt.)

Frogs on your face and your toes and clinging all over you with their sticky little feet.

For sports and games and arts and idleness and leisure. For complication.

For people who define themselves in many ways, or perhaps not at all. For growing tendons. For healing wounds. For glitter nail polish. For cell phone reception.

For resisting but also giving in. For being master of your own destiny, for being in the playoffs, for being the underdog. For learning. For generosity. For experts and specialists.

The past few weeks

I hurt myself about four weeks ago--a growler fell off my table, hit a chair & shattered--and a very sharp piece of glass landed on the top of my foot. Who the fuck cares, etc. etc.   I had surgery about two weeks ago to sew together the tendon that lifts my left fourth toe (the toe I'd wear a wedding ring on). 

Is this the foot to cut open?

On Nakedness


I saw Young Jean Lee’s Untitled Feminist Showlast weekend. It was done entirely in the nude. Or naked, if you prefer. (I prefer. Nude suggests prudishness, euphemism, excuses. Naked is so much more honest. But the phrase “in the nude” is funny, and should be used as much as possible.) At any rate, there were no clothes! It was a really good choice. Probably the smartest thing about the whole show. (And I don’t mean simply from a marketing perspective, though a show with all naked ladies, all the time does have a broad appeal.)

This I wrote in early July 2011 but didn’t post. Here it is now in honor of Tara who will heal beautifully.

I stepped in the pothole of extreme ligamental destruction one year and 8 months ago.

I haven’t run, really, for twenty months. I haven’t jumped for twenty months. I haven’t danced fully, I haven’t hiked. I’ve done a lot of physical therapy, some 16 months of it. Nearly two babies worth. And my ankle still isn’t mine again, isn’t whole again and I am so fucking tired. I ready to be done with this. I am not interested in healing, I am interested in healed. Fixed. Perfect. Strong.

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