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Going home.

It feels great to hear good news about one grant application the same day you submit another. Mad King Thomas has received money from the Jerome Foundation to finish our latest endeavor, the Home Project (but wipe that from your mind, it is a stupid title and not long for this world).

We went to Albuquerque, NM last fall (my home town). Cody, WY this summer (Theresa's stomping grounds). And we just got back from Great Barrington, Massachusetts (Monica's childhood setting). 

Miami, here we come!

Friends! We are going to Miami, and we are looking for housing! We are so super flexible but we are not so super rich. So, we're putting our flexibility to work and hoping you can help us. 

If you know someone in Miami, we'd super appreciate if you could pass along this information.  We won't infect their home with glitter (unless they want us to)! 

What we’re looking for: 

A place in Miami to call home for October 18 through November 10.


Dear Dance Community:

Have you heard? LIGHTSEY DARST HAS LEFT MINNEAPOLIS. And by left, I mean, moved away, packed up and gone, high-tailed it out of here, vamoosed, shaboomed, no longer at this address, goodbye, adios, hasta la vista baby, doesn’t live here anymore.

Commence crying.

Business Time!

So now that Mad King Thomas is done (not really) with the telephone dances, (and by 'not really' I mean, the exhibit has been taken down, but we still have about a half a zillion phone calls to return), you may be asking yourself (and by 'you' I mean all of the internet, and by 'yourself' I mean the series of tubes that make up the Internet), "HOLY CRAP GUYS, WHAT IS NEXT????"

Dancing on the phone, or near the phone, or...over the phone?

Because I can't stop myself from explaining where we've been: I haven't been blogging for Mad King Thomas because I'm not sure what is happening with Mad King Thomas. We have been working on this crazy phone dance experiment for many months now and the fact is we don't (I don't) know what to say about it. We have gotten ourselves in deep, this time--a lot of work to do, not a lot of consensus on what it will be. We've made dozens of tiny dances and only about four of them have been any good.

The internet provides.

Rape Jokes and what's funny

Okay, I know I'm a few weeks behind here, and that this is old news, but I can't stop thinking about rape jokes.

Okay, I know this is like years old news. I was telling someone about the Daniel Tosh incident and she was genuinely confused, saying, "Didn't that happen a couple of years ago?" Why yes, yes, I'm sure it did. Some other dude, some other rape joke. But it's still happening, so forgive me for still caring.

A collection of paragraphs

Summer is making me crabby. Thank god it rained today, or I might have melted, and I don't mean just physically, in a puddle of fleshy goo. I mean stretched to a taffy-like mental state of existential Salvador-Dali angst.

I'm desperate to be understood. And I'm so tired of wanting to make meaning. I've been thinking about a lot of things. Too many things to catalog. I can't write coherently so I don't write at all. I'm bored with all or none.

San Francisco, we're gonna love you so hard.

San Francisco, we are working so hard for you! We are rehearsing, we are getting new haircuts, we are doing pushups.  We are hassling strangers and they have proven to be kind & helpful.  We are having anxiety nightmares and spending too much time in the soap aisle at the store.  We are bringing sweaters, and nobody hates a sweater more than a Minnesotan in June.  That's how excited we are.  So here is a little gift for you:


Mad King Thomas meets San Francisco, June 2012: Workshops and Shows

Mad King Thomas is delighted to be performing and teaching workshops in San Francisco June 23-30!

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