Press Kit

The World is Your Oyster  Eat Up, Little Pearl

June 2010 Bedlam Theatre

“a brilliant and beautiful fugue of dark humor, despair, and resigned absurdity.” Jay Gabler, Twin Cities Daily Planet

Like a Circus, Only Death

February 2010 Southern Theater

“In ‘Like a Circus, Only Death,’ Tara King, Theresa Madaus and Monica Thomas show just how adept they are at smart (and often hilarious) social commentary celebrating rebellious women.” Caroline Palmer, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“The three Mad Kings—Tara King, Theresa Madaus, and Monica Thomas—act completely convinced that you’re going to watch every minute and that you’re going to like it, and what can I say? They’re persuasive.” Jay Gabler, Twin Cities Daily Planet

“MKT’s dark spine shivers under its comic skin.” Lightsey Darst,

Every day I die a little bit, and I get that much colder

2009 Choreographers’ Evening Walker Art Center

“Mad King Thomas’ demolition derby using their bear-suited bodies (set to Judy Garland, why not?) showed a touch of Bausch’s talent for portraying women on the verge.” Caroline Palmer, Minneapolis Star Tribune


June 2009 An evening with HIJACK Hijacking

Mad King Thomas A preview by Matt Peiken, 3-Minute Egg

Love Me, Love My Questionable Art City Pages’ 2009 Best Dance Performance

January 2009 Bryant Lake Bowl, with Sally Rousse, HIJACK and Galen Treuer

They make people laugh and hoot and occasionally lose it. They are funny every which way, in goofy Pythonesque absurdity, in slow-burning irony, in flat-out vaudevillian jokes; they are funny in their writing and their writhing. Most of all, they’re funny performers, with the chutzpah for just about anything.  Lightsey Darst,

Fish on Bikes: The picture of free, untramelled womanhood

2007 Choreographers’ Evening Walker Art Center

“Perilously close to porn, in terrible taste, and unforgivably funny, Fish on Bikes bowled everyone over.” Lightsey Darst,