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In case you haven't seen it yet, the City Pages featured us on their list of 100 Creatives:

57. Mad King Thomas!

And, while you're at it, they've featured a couple other dance/performance-types from around the Twin Cities...such as:

74. Vanessa Voskuil!

Walk the Feminist Line

It’s a delicate line, this feminism that includes reclaiming femininity, owning sexuality, subverting object/agent relationships in that confusing and complicated way that third wave feminism has taught us to value. We’ve got the tools, the questions have been asked, but there’re no easy answers. Questions lead to more questions and we have to fumble around with the rest of this fucked up world, finding the right questions to answer the questions we’ve posed.

I want these shoes

Sometimes I love the superficial.  I get off on aesthetics, adore the decorative.  I revel in excess, swim in color and pattern, and go on marathons with texture.  Hours of life spent beyond pleasantly in unnecessary dialogue with form.  There is an intensity and a delight in this for me that is deeply satisfying and somehow meaningful.  Sometimes the superficial seems to carry import.

Other times things happen and the superficial just seems superficial. 

Serious Silliness

Look, ma, I can read!

So, yeah, we spend a lot of time on YouTube, watching DirecTV commercials or clips of Metropolis or Shirley Temple singing the Good Ship Lollypop, or any number of other cultural might be fair to call Crazy Tom a detritivore.

But sometimes, we read books. Here's a little Guy Debord:


Beyonce rules.

So, I'm slow, but I'm working on it...

Suffice it to say, Beyonce is fucking amazing, and I could never sing and dance at the same time. (Tara's seen her live, where she does this dance whilst singing.) I can't even sing.  One might even say I can't even dance. 

Holy crap.

Sometimes my inner little kid wakes up & says, "Holy crap, Tara, YOU'RE DOING IT," which is to say I somehow became a Real Dancer, as in...a grown-up. Who gets paid. To Dance.

Times when I forget that include: 

Apparently it is my turn for angst

Um... I haven’t written in a while. I blame Israel and the fact that I was there for three weeks. Now I am back and I’ve been home nearly two weeks so I really don’t have an excuse anymore.

So let’s grab the bull by the horns.

I think it is awesome for Mad King Thomas to be blogging, I am not sure about doing it myself.

Aesthetic objects

Hey! Look! It's a Mad King Thomas dance you almost certainly have never ever seen before, called The eyebrow, or some expression of doubt or daring on their faces:

Audition Angst


So, you may have heard. I hope you did, because we were kind of pathetic and frantic about getting the word out. In an unprecedented move of professional dancerly-ism, Mad King Thomas had some auditions. 

Auditions, sounds nerve-wracking, right? Turns out they were fun! And weird.

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