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30 Days of Biking

Do you know 30daysofbiking? It's a bunch of people trying to ride their bikes every day for the month of April.  It starts tomorrow! Because April starts tomorrow!

A big part of rehearsal last night was dedicated to figuring out where and how bikes fit into our show, because maybe not everyone in the universe thinks of the bike as the Great Liberator! But some people do!  Right? When's the last time you rode a bike? How was it? Seriously, I'm curious.


On the plane the other day I was chatting with this pleasant, jovial man. He had an Irish accent, which made him seem even more pleasant and jovial. Everything was lovely, and then he leaned over and said, "I'm not a racist, but..."


This is the book Mad King Thomas would pay Malcolm Gladwell to write, if we could:

From the Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator.

Now, if only they could have snuck the word "hegemony" in there, we'd be set...

It's inevitable.

I mean, you knew it was coming, right? How can I not blog about the topic I think about most often right now?

Joey Brooks. Just kidding; who the eff is that? I'm talking about Justin Bieber.

Post-ironic Ramblings

It was laundry day today. I composed a special outfit comprised of the biggest lumpy grey wool sweater I could find and shiny purple lame' leggings. Then I put on heels for good measure. Is it wrong for me to take so much delight in ridiculous outfits?
Probably. But I do it regularly anyway. Mad King Thomas has fueled in me an unhealthy love of all things shiny, gold, outrageous, or lame'.

And here's the thing. It used to be ironic. Now it's a little too genuine. It used to be a joke. I guess it still is a joke... a very serious joke.

EDL saved my life on Video Friday

I alternate between feeling really happy when mainstream culture produces something awesome and feeling really worried that Mad King Thomas is doing it wrong.

A new nation, conceived in liberty (and women)

Since we didn’t bring our A-game to the 9x22 talkback last night (might have had something to do with glue, cold pavement, and adrenaline), I figured I’d throw out a bunch of facts about the piece.

Laurie asked for a list of our influences before the show. Here's that:

I wrote this two weeks ago

Sometimes I think the world is too much. Too wrong, too broken, too full of things I can’t fix but can’t forget.

This January has been rough for people. It is cold and it is dark. My friends, a lot of them, are sad. My brother is sad. My step-father is sad. If I spend too much time thinking I get sad too.


I saw Sarah Michelson's show tonight at the Walker. Devotion.  I'm not sure I have much to say about it, but if I were formulating a response for facebook (because that's what you do in this day and age) I would say "Devotion: like meditating while watching the Olympics in lieu of Easter mass." 

Tool for beauty

robo-rainbow from mudlevel on Vimeo.

Bike as a tool for creating beautiful rainbows.  I guess the owner of the sad grey wall might not like it, but I do. 

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