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Hairy Hairy

I heart Amanda Fucking Palmer. (And I am forever indebted to my friend and fellow dancer Mandy for sending this video to me.)


This Is It.

Bright lights, big stage, empty house.

Somebody beat us to it.

Do I even still have to make dances anymore, if that one exists?

(Video Friday: A tradition without legs!)

Bikes, freedom, fear.

Some context, for those of you who aren’t at rehearsal twice a week: There’s something in the piece we’re working on for July about bicycles & freedom.


Yesterday, the Moscow airport was bombed. 34 people were killed and 168 were wounded. Doku Umarov, a rebel leader, claimed responsibility. He said, "the war will come to your streets and you will feel it in your own lives and on your own skin."

This summer Russia was on fire. The forest was on fire and the peat bogs were on fire. And they had record heatwaves and people were dying from the heat, and from drowning.

I went to Russia in August, but it was not bad where I was.

The Power of Aesthetics

I went to the workshop hosted by the performance/film creators Berlin at the Walker a few days ago. It was mostly a presentation of their projects with permission for us to interrupt at any time to ask questions and go off on different tangents. 

Why Make Performance

It seems like everyone is talking about Gob Squad, so why not take it as an excuse to indulge in their YouTube channel?

Gob Squad


I saw a show! I really liked it! Then I wrote about it! 

You can read about it here, on the Walker website.

A toe in, I guess


Theresa and Tara have spent the last two weeks splashing around this blog like fish in water, and I’ve been standing around mumbling things about how I just ate, and cramps, and also I don’t think I believe in water.


Turns out water exists guys.


Water: actually real. This water lives in Oregon.


Related to the search for "how to talk about our work": 

Here is a link to a page that Tara found on the great wide intarwebs. It's a bunch of excerpts from Susan Sontag's "Notes on Camp." It made the think about how Mad King Thomas is sometimes and sometimes not playing with a camp aesthetic. It's certainly a word people have used to describe us before.


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