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Wanted: An Elevator Spiel

So it is always a struggle to try to explain to people what it is we do... 

When I tell people I'm a dancer and choreographer, I usually get a response something like, "Oh, do you watch 'So You Think You Can Dance'?" or "What kind of dance, like ballet? Tap? Jazz?" 

This makes me laugh. And die a little inside.

Doing things you've never done before.

There's an article up at by Max Sparber about chaos in theater that (of course) piqued my interest.

Hi, Walker patrons!

Maybe you came here from the blogs at the Walker, about Betontanc/  If so, welcome! If not, you should go see Betontanc/ this weekend...and hello anyway. We still love you.

Theresa Begins to Blog! (Not an Adventure for Small Children)

I feel like a blog needs an introduction. I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. I feel like I don’t understand the Internetz. I can has cheeseburgers.
So what is this all about? What is it here for and what am I doing?

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