Feelings, Facebook, and Fabulous T-shirts: a Mad King Thomas Kickstarter Story

It’s wildly official: Mad King Thomas’ 10th Anniversary kickstarter is up and running! Curious to see it for yourself instead of reading about my feels? Check it out here.

Feelings! I have so many of them! It’s a mixture of relief, terror, and joy. Every article you read about how-not-to-fuck-up-your-kickstarter (and believe me, I’ve read about million now) warns you: crowdfunding is a lot of work. Pulling it together is a full-time job, so once we had it online and running, I was ready leap around with happiness and then immediately collapse onto my keyboard.

kitten on keyboard

Of course, that’s when the real work begins and the terror takes over. How many entertaining ways can we find to ask people to support us? Will we make our goal in time? Will people think our rewards are as awesome as we think they are? Will we accidentally burn dinner because we’re too busy posting about it on facebook? (This of course is the most frightening of all. Whenever food is involved the stakes are much higher.)

Despite the stress, it’s incredibly gratifying every time someone pledges. This is the lesson we learn every time we campaign- as much as money stresses us out, the tremendous support we feel each time someone donates is like a second gift. So THANK YOU to the fabulous folks who have buoyed us up so far! You are our champions, our knights in shining armor, our beloved unicorns, and then some.

The extra delight of a kickstarter is that we also get to scheme some rewards. I’m obviously stoked about the t-shirt (it’s pretty much all I’ve talked about on facebook and in the emails to MKT’s list.) Max Wirsing, dancer and designer extraordinaire, has blown us out of the water by redesigning our official seal. And by “redesigning” I mean we sent him this image that looks like a 5-year-old drew it:

and turned around this image!

I have been trying to make shirts with Mad King Thomas’ seal on it for the three of us for years, but I keep failing to because our seal looks so crappy. Now ALL OF MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE! No wonder it’s all I can talk about.

Speaking of the face space, not only would we appreciate your support in backing our kickstarter with your little green dead presidents, and we would also really love any broadcasting you would do on our behalf. Share our kickstarter on facebook! Invite friends, cousins, and frenemies to the event! Tweet about it via the tweeter-machine (aka Twitter)! Email your friends! Blackmail your enemies! Help us get the word out to everyone who loves to help make things more awesome!