We blew by Halfway There. By which I mean: you guys rock.

I was supposed to do a post about crossing the halfway mark in our Kickstarter yesterday, but here comes today and we are less then $1000 away from our goal.



WE ARE 75% THERE! You are so great! This is so great! AAAH! I’m full of all-caps and enthusiastic relief. This thing is happening! AAAAHHHHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHH!!!11!!1!!!!
Okay, taking a deep breath and looking at the very round, very calm mourning dove outside my window. Be the dove, Monica, be the dove:

Guys!! OMG!! AAAh! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

And to the rest of you: WE STILL WANT TO GIVE YOU PRIZES! So many prizes! So badly! Have a gander!